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Why to Take Notes

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Day-to-day, we learn new things, it could be from a blog, video, book, people etc.. The new information may be helpful to develop a skill, solve problems, become better. However, our brains are not good at remembering and recalling information when we need it. This is because of memory declines over time (Forgetting Curve).

When need a system to store information. Easiest and simplest form of storing is by noting the information in a notebook. The very process of writing down the newly acquired information, especially when we write it in our own words (rather than copying from source), makes us to understand it better and increases the strength of that memory in the brain.

Notes serves as a long term storage medium helping us to revise in the future and eventually to remember easily.

After a lecture, meeting, reading a material, or after a significant experience, spend a minute to understand the idea and note down the most important notes.

Why I started blogging

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

I have been thinking to start a blog from a very long time. I always thought there is nothing new I have to share with the world as the information I got is already available on the Internet.

After several years, I am now convinced that writing a blog makes sense.

Here’s why:

1. To contribute (not just always consume)

We are consuming a lot of stuff online. I am amazed by the time and effort put by authors to create stuff. The information I learned online helped both in my professional and personal life. I am guilty of always taking but not giving back. With blogging I have means to contribute something useful by sharing my learning, thoughts, opinions and perspectives.

2. Share my learning

When I learn something, I share it with my family, friends and colleagues. They find it useful (most of the times). The information may be already available elsewhere but I try to explain from my perspective.

3. Strengthen my learning

When we learn something and not use it, we tend to forget it. By writing our learning to share with others, we strengthen it. We try to express the learning in the way we understood it so it makes us to think deeply and research more about the topic.

4. To improve my writing

To be honest, my writing sucks. Writing skill is an important skill everyone must have. By writing regularly I can become a better writer. As I am writing this blog post I am struggling to form the sentences, but I believe over time I can improve. With better writing we can impact and motivate others. We can explain complex things in a simple manner.

5. To showcase my skills

I can showcase my skills and capability. I am known to only a small group of my circle. By writing a blog I can create an online identity for myself.

6. Connect with like minded

By blogging we create an audience and network of like minded people. In daily life we are limited to a small set of people, but blogging opens up opportunities to get connected to world wide audience who are having interests similar to you.

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